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Assembly Information Sharing Session

- Community Announcement -

Sunday 5 August at 4.00 pm
Christ Church Uniting, 26 King William Road, Wayville

The Urban Mission Network Reference Group will be hosting an Assembly Information Sharing Session on Sunday 5 August at 4.00 pm, at Christ Church Uniting, Wayville.

Interim General Secretary, Rev. Rob Brown will join with others who attended the 15th Triennial Assembly in Box Hill, Victoria, 8 – 14 July to give a report and share information about this significant time in the life of the church.

All are welcome. Come join us for cake and conversation.

Please RSVP to (Use '.' and '@' signs when you copy this address.)
susan [AT] urbannetwork [DOT] org [DOT] au

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Seminary of the 3rd Age – Information and Curriculum

- Community Announcement -

Effective Living Centre

At the Effective Living Centre,
26 King William Road, Wayville.

4 seminar topics of 4 weeks each,
2 topics remaining –
Thursday evenings in August and October.

— Re-thinking Faith in The 21st Century —

An invitation
You are invited to participate in the inaugural program of the Seminary of the 3rd Age. The program, conducted by respected theological scholars and leaders, offers persons young and old, of any faith or no faith, the opportunity to explore and reflect on questions of faith and spirituality relevant in the 21st Century.

What is the cost?
Each session is $15 ($12 concession/ELC members) or $50 for a topic of four sessions.

Who can attend?
Any person can attend, young or old, of faith or no faith. Each seminar will be respectful of the diversity of backgrounds and views of participants.

Do I need to join at the beginning?
Participants can join at any time during the year, and attend occasional seminars or groups of topics.

How do I enrol?
Bookings can be made online using Trybookings
or ring the Effective Living Centre office for assistance 82710329.

Curriculum for August and October

August – The Jesus Factor: Re-thinking the Bloke Called Jesus
August 2 – Rabbi Jesus - Radical or Heretical? – Vicky Balabanski
August 9 – Jesus, the Stoic Sage – Vicky Balabanski
August 16 – Theo-political Reading of Parables of Jesus – Bruce Grindlay
August 23 – Findings from the Jesus’ Seminar – Don Hopgood

October – The Soul Factor: Re-thinking Spirituality
October 4 – Doing Theology as a Spiritual Adventure – Bob Kempe
October 11 – The Spirituality of Aboriginal Peoples – Ivan Copley
October 18 – The Innate Spirituality of Affection – Sean Gilbert
October 25 – Earth Spirituality – Jana Norman

More information at y- of-the-3rd-age/.

These seminars will form the basis for discussions at Pilgrim Pathways during the year.

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Peace Expo

- Community Announcement -


Peace Expo: : Sharing stories to inspire us on paths to justice and peace

Morialta Uniting Church
26 Chapel Street, Magill
5 August 2018 2:00pm - 4:00pm

In February 2017, SA Council of Churches announced projects that had received funding from a Bequest to assist in the work of Refugees and Displaced Persons. These projects are now complete.

All are invited to hear these stories, share resources and inspire one another on paths towards justice and peace at this Peace Expo event.

For more information: Contact Melanie Rain
Phone 8215 0300 or email sacc at

Visit (opens in a new window)

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2018 Homelessness Conference

- Community Announcement -

Wed 8 August, 8.30am - 4.30 pm
Adelaide Convention Centre

Now in its fifth year, the 2018 Homelessness Conference program will profile emerging local, national and global trends on housing and homelessness. This year's theme, Sharing Solutions to End Homelessness, examines the various ways that those working in the public, community and private sectors can all work more effectively together to end homelessness.

This conference also provides an opportunity to hear updates on the Adelaide Zero Project, which has moved into the Implementation Phase and aims to achieve Functional Zero street homelessness in the inner city by the end of 2020. Against a backdrop of rising homelessness in Australia, Adelaide now has a unique opportunity to lead the country in finding solutions to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Keynote Speakers

  • Marah Curtis | University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
  • Sally Hines | Chief Operating Officer, The Big Issue & Homes For Homes (AUS)

Advertising flyer and registration HERE – Registration from $92.79

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Homelessness Week – Memorial Service

- Community Announcement -

Friday 10 August, at 1 pm
Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, Adelaide

The Annual Memorial Service for people who have died while homeless.

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"Walk a mile in my boots" – for Hutt St Centre

- Community Announcement -

Friday August 10th, 7am
Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi to Hutt St Centre, Adelaide

This is an annual charity event in Adelaide, bringing together people to ‘walk a mile’ in the boots of a person facing homelessness in South Australia by walking one mile on a cold, winter’s morning. The walk starts at Victoria Park /Pakapakanthi (Wakefield Road entrance) and finishes at the South Park Lands/ Tuthangga, Hutt Road. At a normal pace, the walk takes only about 30 minutes, and you can follow it with a traditional Hutt Street Centre BBQ breakfast.

The walks are held early in the morning at 7am for a 7.30am start. If you can't manage to walk the mile for some reason, a simple donation to the Hutt Street Centre is very welcome - the fundraising target this year is $225,000. To find out more about the great work the Hutt Street Centre do, visit their website, .

You'll find more about Walk a Mile in My Boots on the website,, where you can register for the walk, or make a tax- deductible donation.

The Hutt St Centre has been helping people experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives for over 60 years. Without practical support, they could not provide life-changing and essential services each year.

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Ethos in the Uniting Church: Who Are We?

- Community Announcement -

Tuesday 14th August, 6.15-8.30pm
Level 2, 212 Pirie St, Adelaide

A free seminar by Rev Prof Andrew Dutney about the Uniting Church - the vision, values and structure of the Uniting Church, who we are, what we believe and how we are organised. The target audience is board members and staff of organisations in association with the Uniting Church, people going into Ministry of Pastor, and can include people new to the Uniting Church who want to find out more about the ethos of the UCA, or people who have been involved for some time but want to know more about the UCA which has just celebrated 41 years since it began in Australia. Andrew is a gifted leader who will enliven your understanding of the UCA.

RSVP by 6pm on 12th August.

Online booking (or ask the office to book for you).

To register for attendance, you can go to

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Ministry of Silence

- Community Announcement -

windmill still1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Christ Church UCA, 26 King William Road, Wayville

A small group meets as above to practice silent prayer together, inspired by the prayer of Jesus and the desert mothers and fathers of the hesychast tradition.

All are welcome to this ecumenical group as we ‘pray as we can, not as we can’t’.

Please contact Rev Nicholas Rundle for more details.
ph 0406 011 152.

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Free Lunchtime Recitals at Pilgrim


1.00pm in the Church

1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays of the Month:
Student recitals, Vocal / Instrumental


2nd & 4th Thursdays:
Organ Concerts

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Volunteering for Red Dove Cafe – Royal Adelaide Show

- Community Announcement -

Show dates – August 31st to September 9th

The Red Dove Cafe in SA raised $60,000 in 2017, which was given to mission activities. Due to the change of venue, there is a need to increase the number of volunteers this year. Can you help? No experience is needed, and there is on the job instruction. All ages welcome.

Volunteers can sign up for one shift or more, and entry to the show and a meal allowance is included for each shift. The show dates are Aug 31st to 9th September.

For more information or to sign up please contact the volunteer team at (Use '.' and '@' signs when you copy this address.)
reddove2018 [AT] gmail [DOT] com with your availability this year.

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Music on Flinders – Free performances

But we will return in the SPRING.

Eclectic music on Monday lunchtimes, 12.30-1 pm, held in front of Pilgrim Church, out on Flinders Street. Come along and enjoy a wide range of music genres from talented performers from rock to acapella. Music includes school performers as well as seasoned veterans in the music industry and everything in between!

There is no cost, so make the most of this brilliant opportunity. Plan to leave the computer and work place for an enjoyable lunchtime break. Bring your lunch, grab a coffee from a local caf, and enjoy 30 minutes of brilliant music - a gift to workers, residents and visitors to the CBD.

Click for Music On Flinders: Facebook and Here

An initiative of Pilgrim Uniting Church. Email: (Use '.' and '@' signs when you copy this address.)
office [AT] pilgrim [DOT] org [DOT] au

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#BringThemHere Vigil

Every Friday, 4.30 - 7 pm
Parliament House steps

Bring them here weekly vigil
  (supporting refugees
  and asylum seekers)

Each Friday, a gathering takes place on the steps of Parliament House, North Terrace, from 4.30-7pm to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and asylum seekers, particularly those on Manus and Nauru.

Participants come from church and community groups. The organisers encourage you to ‘come when you can, leave when you must’. Feel free to bring banners and battery operated candles.

Like the Facebook page

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Act for Peace: Rohingya Crisis Appeal

- Community Announcement -

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families need your help.

Family homes, neighbourhoods and entire villages have been torched to the ground. People are being killed as they desperately try to flee for safety. Already, more than 400,000 people are estimated to have crossed the border in Bangladesh seeking refuge from the violence. With the number of people seeking sanctuary in Bangladesh set to increase to over 500,000 over the coming days, your support is URGENTLY needed.

Show the Rohingya people that you care. Donate today

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Act for Peace - Urgent Appeal

- Community Announcement -

Famine in East Africa continues to worsen. Babies and children are dying of starvation every day. All agencies are finding that each day more and more people need basic food to feed their children. Already many of them go without themselves in an effort to just feed their children. A doctor in one of the hospitals has predicted that unless help arrives NOW a whole generation may be lost.

Visit to make a donation and hear more stories.

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OP Shop at Scots Church Adelaide

- Community Announcement -

Goodies 2U is a new op shop located on Level 1 at Scots Church Adelaide (237 North Terrace Adelaide).

It is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am - 4pm.

Donations for Goodies 2U and Goodies Op Shop will only be received at Clayton Wesley Uniting Church (entry to Goodies is from Union Street, Beulah Park).

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Oasis in a Busy Week

Tuesday morning 8am and Thursday afternoon 12.15pm services – come along and bring your friends. Each service is a wonderful oasis in a busy week, and a great opportunity for those living and working in the city.

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Events of Interest

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  1. Assembly Information Sharing Session
    Sunday 5 August at 4.00 pm

  2. Seminary of the 3rd Age – Information and Curriculum
    August 2 – Rabbi Jesus - Radical or Heretical? – Vicky Balabanski

  3. Peace Expo
    5 August 2018 2:00pm - 4:00pm

  4. 2018 Homelessness Conference
    Wed 8 August, 8.30am - 4.30 pm

  5. Homelessness Week – Memorial Service
    Friday 10 August, at 1 pm

  6. "Walk a mile in my boots" – for Hutt St Centre
    Friday August 10th, 7am

  7. Ethos in the Uniting Church: Who Are We?
    Tuesday 14th August, 6.15-8.30pm

  8. Ministry of Silence

  9. Free Lunchtime Recitals at Pilgrim
    Thursday 14th June

  10. Volunteering for Red Dove Cafe – Royal Adelaide Show
    Show dates – August 31st to September 9th

  11. Music on Flinders – Free performances
    Monday April 30th

  12. #BringThemHere Vigil

  13. Act for Peace: Rohingya Crisis Appeal

  14. Act for Peace - Urgent Appeal

  15. OP Shop at Scots Church Adelaide

  16. Oasis in a Busy Week

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