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Songs for the People of God - Book 4
100 contemporary songs for worship sourced from Lutheran Publishing House Adelaide (Robin Mann), Iona Community Scotland (John Bell), Hope Publishing Co Illinois (Shirley Erena Murray, Brian Wren), World Council Of Churches (Per Harling, Pablo Sosa, Lynda Katsuno) and locally (Bruce Prewer, Neil Quintrell, Douglas Simper, Don Bell, Maarten Ryder, Graeme McIntosh, Norman Inglis, Neil Hendry, Andrew Tanner, Leigh Newton, Andrew Dutney, Mandy Dyson, Rod Boucher).
Published by Desbooks, Thornbury Victoria 1996.
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Songs for Pilgrims

50 contemporary songs for worship from similar sources, authors and composers as Songs for the People of God Book 4
Published by Pilgrim Publishing in August 2006
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Access to more poetry by Neil Quintrell is available at www.quintrell.net

Access to more songs: poetry by Don Bell, music by Maarten Ryder is available at www.newtraditionalhymns.com

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Here's a New Day (updated March 2022)

As dawn light filters through the trees, the beauty of creation calls to us, “Here's a New Day”, inviting us to a 'thin' place where our lives touch mystery. To hold a newborn baby, to embrace a friend, to know the joy and pain of loving, to doubt, to wonder, to give thanks ..... these experiences of life have helped to create the poems.

There are 81 songs in all, with tunes recommended, a good number with full music, all of which can be downloaded and freely used (see conditions at end of alphabetic index).

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