Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
TUE 24-DEC-2019 - Christmas Eve 9pm Reflection
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Christmas Eve – Christmas is associated with a confusion of stories and images that make little sense to our ordinary lives. There are songs, and children's stories, and Christmas TV movies; there are stories of angels and shepherds, and of sages keeping track of a star moving across the sky. The accounts preserved in the gospels were written a generation later, to describe not only what actually happened, but to be a poetic description of the importance of the events, after the writers and their contemporaries had themselves experienced the person that this child was to become. It is not so much a matter of "What do the stories say", but "What do the stories mean". Christmas is a story of Emmanuel, God with us, coming into the world to offer forgiveness, love without requirements, and grace; and also bringing a challenge for us to be, with the risen Christ, a light in the darkness of this hurting world.

Playing Time   –   11:58