Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
THU 24-DEC-2020 - 9.00 PM Reflection
Rev Sandy Boyce
Christmas Eve 'Candlelight Service' – In our dreams we can imagine a better world that offers peace in the midst of brokenness, joy that carries us through our days, and love that withstands fears. While dreaming may not be mindless, it can seem fragile and naive, something to be dismissed as fanciful when we're dispirited. In the Nativity we see something of God's dream for the human family, with God showing us an alternate reality in which he comes close to us and brings heaven down to earth to occupy human hearts. It involves a theology in which God is near to each of us down here on earth, approachable in person, not high up above us in an institutional hierarchy. Jesus dwelt in the grittiness of life, quite unlike the romanticised illustrations we see on Christmas cards. Somewhere deep in our hearts there is a dream of a better world. May we realise that dream, and join in with the work that God is doing in the world.

Playing Time   –   9:02