Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 07-FEB-2021 - 11.00 AM Sermon
Rev Sandy Boyce
Epiphany 5 – In the gospel passage, an elderly woman was bed-bound with a fever when Jesus and his new disciples visited her. The woman was the mother-in-law of Peter, one of the disciples; and her illness would have been a very serious matter, in the absence of anything like antibiotics and vaccines. Like most women in that society, her ministry consisted of service through housework, and she would have felt shamed by her inability to care for her guests. Jesus touched the woman, the fever left her, and she was liberated to serve them. In today's environment, a gendered response would say, "What? Liberated back to the kitchen?" But preparing and serving food for a family was, and is, as important and honourable a service as any other. The English word "deacon" is derived from the Greek "diakonos", meaning "servant"; and the work done by a deacon or servant is "diakonia", a biblical Greek word variously translated as "service", "serving", "providing for" or "attending to". That woman, Peter's mother-in-law, was not named; but could she have become one of the disciples of Jesus, one of the women who served and cared for Jesus and the disciples on their journeys? We know that the Spirit worked through the serving of those women.
Mark 1: 29-39

Playing Time   –   13:00