Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 18-AUG-2019 - 11.00 AM Service
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Pentecost 10 – The day's gospel reading is troublesome, with Jesus saying that he had come to bring division and not peace – not his usual message. The Kingdom of God is not all soft and convenient, and here we are told the hard and costly part. The Kingdom will not be welcomed by all, and there will be division and alienation, Among believers, Christians from different traditions can find it hard to be polite and respectful over a lot of issues, including sexuality;. We need to live together, not in spite of our diversity but because of it. The Christian life has joy, beauty, healing and grace; but it is also arduous and risky, and it is not a guarantee of prosperity and safety. Yet you can be joyful and full of God in all of life's troubles. Look to Jesus, the one who embodies all that God desires for us.
Hebrews 11: 29 - 12: 2; Luke 12: 49-56

Playing Time   –   22:02