Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
FRI 02-APR-2021 - 9.30 AM Good Friday Reflection
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Good Friday – Good Friday would seem to be all about death and all that goes with it, things like lies, duplicity, self-serving, cowardice and manipulation. An oft-quoted scripture verse tells us that "God sent his Son to die for us ...". Did God require that Jesus should suffer in our place, to make God more able to love us? The answer is No. The death of Jesus by public execution was not the requirement of a loving God, but the consequence of the way Jesus lived. The opposition he faced from the authorities was a result of the life he lived in God. Good Friday is all about a life of integrity not bound by expediency; a life of love and compassion untainted by hatred; of genuine humility; of truth and justice untainted by lies. Jesus died as a consequence of his chosen way of life. Good Friday is a solemn day to remember how Jesus confronted evil and injustice, and how he gave his life in love and service for others, even his enemies. It is a solemn day in the way it mirrors back on us our part in a broken world. Jesus invites the world into new life.

Playing Time   –   7:40