Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 22-SEP-2019 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Vicky Balabanski
Pentecost 22 – Season of Creation: Week 4 – Jesus told a parable in which a wealthy landowner accused his estate manager of embezzlement, and gave the man just a few more hours before he'd be sacked. In the short time remaining the manager decided to improve his future prospects by fiddling the books one more time, and he reduced the amounts that debtors were owing to his employer. He got away with it; indeed, his employer commended him for his action. What was going on? In the historical context of the time, Jesus was not endorsing dishonesty and embezzelment, rather, he was giving a glimpse of the kingdom of God. In that society, wealth was nearly always acquired by forcing "little" people further into poverty, and by reducing the debts the manager had cemented future relationships for himself, for his employer, and for the debtors. The kingdom of God is about relationships, and you cannot serve both God and wealth.,
Luke 16: 1-13

Playing Time   –   19:42