Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 03-MAY-2020 - Easter 4 Sermon
Rev Sandy Boyce
Easter 4 – In the reading from John's gospel Jesus describes himself as a shepherd who loves and protects his sheep, knowing each one of them by name. While they are locked up in the sheep pen he makes sure that they are secure and come to no harm; and on the way to the pasture they will follow him and nobody else. He also describes himself as the gate through which one passes on the way to a full, satisfying life. During the pandemic we are finding ourselves penned up behind gates and doors that must remain closed to the world for the safety of ourselves and the vulnerable. It can be a very trying time, and in this sermon Sandy offers some suggestions that could be useful in dealing with spiritual and mental health issues caused by social isolation. When the time is right and the gates and doors are opened, the Shepherd will be there, calling us to go out with him into the wide world. What sort of world will it be?
Psalm 23 (Paraphrase); John 10: 1-10

Playing Time   –   14:41