Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 10-MAY-2020 - 11.00 AM Sermon
Rev Vikki Waller
Easter 5 – When the disciples were quite upset by Jesus telling them about his coming death, he told them to see beyond the immediate issues and look at the big picture. In the place where he was going there would be plenty of room for them as well. In the context of this gospel passage, John was writing to a Christian community that had been forced out of Judaism and was being urged to give up and return to the old norm; and the words of Jesus, that he alone was the way, the truth and the life, were being addressed to his immediate followers, not to people of other faiths and traditions. It was not an arrogant claim, but a truism about a particular way of relating to God: that Jesus is the only one who can show you the way that Jesus does it. It does not assert a supremacy of the Christian faith over other faiths; neither does it say that all faiths are equally valid. But as followers of Jesus, let Jesus deal with our troubles. Let us live as the body of Christ.
John 14: 1-14

Playing Time   –   17:55