Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 27-JUN-2021 - 11 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Pentecost 5 – The sermon begins with the story of "Alice" (not her real name), who as a 14 year old girl was invited by the minister of the family's church to help him with some planning. Of course she was so excited to be asked; and he raped her. Over the years, everyone with whom she shared her story called her a liar. She spent her life feeling abused, defiled, guilty and shameful, convinced that she was responsible for what happened. Until, in her early seventies, she raised an official complaint against the minister, who had died 20 years before. A proper investigation was launched, and they believed her. It was not her fault, and she feels that her life has been given back to her again. The gospel passage tells the healing stories of two women who, also, were given back their lives – one of them had suffered from bleeding for twelve years and was therefore unclean under the purity laws, making her a social outcast; and the other was the 12 year old beloved daughter of an influential and powerful religious official. The woman with the haemorrhage refused to believe she was a nothing, and when she audaciously told her whole story to Jesus, he listened and gave her back her life. As for the father of the dying girl, he had audaciosuly asked for help from Jesus, when he would have known that Jesus was a ritually unclean person because of the way he mixed with tax collectors and sinners. What have we been told about ourselves that diminishes our worth and separates us from the life-giving community of God?
Mark 5: 21-43

Playing Time   –   21:44