Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 21-JUN-2020 - Sermon for UCA Anniversary
Rev Prof Andrew Dutney
Pentecost 3 – Uniting Church 43rd Anniversary – In biblical terms, wilderness is a terrible place where those whom God loves find themselves under extreme duress; and it is the place where God sends angels to those whom he loves. While the 43rd Anniversary of the Uniting Church is currently being celebrated, it might be asked, what does the future hold as we slowly move out of lockdown? Is it worth continuing this fifty year old creative experiment in church unity? A lot of effort is being expended on keeping things running as they are, at a time when the church's significance in the broader community is declining. That is the wilderness in which we find ourselves. Perhaps God is calling us to places against our grain, giving us challenges that help us to grow. The Uniting Church has a particular vocation, and we must not give up just because the secular wilderness called Australia makes it feel too hard. It is a time for us to refocus on the particular vocation God has given us, for today and for tomorrow.
Genesis 21: 8-20; Matthew 10: 24-39

Playing Time   –   22:19