Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 03-OCT-2021 - 11.00 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Pentecost 19 – Some powerful people were scheming to draw Jesus into an ongoing argument concerning what was permissible with marriage and divorce, and what was not permissible; but their question was not sincere. Jesus replied that Moses had allowed divorce because of their hardness of heart. They were asking the wrong questions. Jesus wasn't talking about the legalities of marriage and divorce, he was talking about the way some people were using their power to the detriment of others in their close relationships. What did God originally intend? It was that two become as one, receiving each other as equals and intimates, extensions of each other's flesh and bone. These passages of scripture have often been applied only to marriage and divorce, but the teaching applies also to committed relationships between men and women, men and men, and women and women. Those relationships are good for us, they are life-giving, they enable us to flourish. God's ideal is not always possible; relationships can falter and fail; but God loves us as persons more than he loves the dream of a life-long partnership. Our prayer is for God to lead us, humbly and gently, along very different tracks. into that which gives life, not into that which takes life away.
Mark 10: 2-16

Playing Time   –   20:12