Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 20-DEC-2020 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Sandy Boyce
Advent 4 – "Those who dream ... are not alone" – Over this Christmas period, the City of London is in lockdown because of a particularly nasty variant of the COVID virus – and it's the time of year when you look forward to the comfort and encouragement that comes from sharing with family and friends. Being confined to home results in loneliness, loss of support and disorientation. When the going gets tough we need to lean on each other for mutual support, and we become fully ourselves by sharing ourselves with others. In the gospel account, Mary knew from the ancient scriptures that the Messiah would be coming, although nobody could say exactly when or how. She was alone when she learned that she herself had been chosen by God to give birth to the long-awaited Messiah; but who could she talk to? The angel had told her that her relative Elizabeth was pregnant; and with great determination, Mary set out on a 100 km walk from Nazareth to the hill country of Judea, to be with Elizabeth. The two women were overjoyed to see each other; Mary's song, the Magnificat, came tumbling out; and Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months until the birth of Elizabeth's baby, John the Baptiser. The two women cherished each other's company; they shared a sacred space; and they offered blessings to each other. It was a safe place for Mary, where she was loved and accepted. What qualities do you value in a trusted friend? Do you have special friends whom you support? Do you have special friends who support you?
Luke 1: 26-45 ('The Message' version)

Playing Time   –   14:35