Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 07-NOV-2021 - 11.00 AM Sermon
Rev Vikki Waller
Pentecost 24 – The sermon focuses on the topic of risk taking. It starts with the risks taken by two very strong women, Ruth and Naomi, whose history is recorded in the book of Ruth. Naomi was a Jewish widow living in Moab, and Ruth was her widowed Moabite daughter-in-law. The two of them were determined to return to Judah, and their journey back involved a lot of risk. When Ruth made up her mind that she was going to marry Boaz, a Jewish farmer who was harvesting at the time, it would seem to have been a very risky match with little chance of a successful outcome. It would be a radical marriage between a Jew and a gentile; Boaz could trace his family tree right back to Jacob, while Ruth was an outsider; Boaz was middle-aged and Ruth was young; and Boaz was wealthy while Ruth was poor. But it worked, and their son Ubed became the grandfather of King David. Risk is a part of reality. We are not called to a risk-free life, but to a risk-full life. Love is a risky business; loyalty may have a heavy price; and there is no escape from being hurt. But God will honour the risk taker. May we all dare to be risk-takers for God.
Ruth 3: 1-5; 4: 13-17

Playing Time   –   19:37