Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 28-NOV-2021 - 11 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Advent 1 – In this passage from Luke, Jesus describes some horrific, fearful situations; and he tells us not to hide away from them, but to stand up and face them. We are to acknowledge the truth about our fears, and describe life as it really is. Be honest about life, don't go playacting and resorting to ascapist piety. Don't be ashamed over having a deep desire for change; strive to find possibilities for change, and don't strive for perfection. Advent is a time to yearn and wait, which is no easy thing. Things worth waiting for happen in the dark; and pay attention, because God can turn up anywhere. Advent invites us to dwell richly in the Here where God dwells. During this Advent, may something beautiful be born amongst us.
Luke 21: 25-36

Playing Time   –   17:25