Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 22-DEC-2019 - 11.00 AM Sermon
rev Dr Greg Elsden
Advent 4 – This Advent sermon concentrates on Joseph, a quiet, unassuming carpenter and Mary's would-be husband. For one's fiancée to be an unmarried mother was scandalous; to draw attention to her pregnancy would put her in danger of being stoned to death; to divorce her would be to force her into a struggle to support herself and the child on the edges of society. Joseph did what the angel had told him to do in his dream; he married Mary, and he named the child 'Jesus'. A child's legitimancy was established when the father named the child; and as Joseph was a direct descendant of King David, the naming fulfilled the requirement that the Messiah must come from David's house and lineage. The genealogy of the House of David is far from spotless, it is full of imperfection, dishonour and scandal. God was born into this world in a messy place, and he is likely to arrive in our lives in unlikely circumstances. As the angel told Joseph in a dream, "Don't be afraid". Trust God, and follow him.
Matthew 1: 18-25

Playing Time   –   17:57