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Asking Questions, What We Do & Resources
Pilgrim Church has long been a church where people ask questions about faith e.g.:
  • What is 'core' to our faith for each of us?
  • What is relevant to our faith journey and fits in with our knowledge and experiences of the world and universe in which we live today?
  • How do we look with intelligence and discernment at the teachings of the church and whether they hold relevance for us today?
  • How do we raise our minds and hearts to the God always present to us rather than address prayers to an elsewhere God?
  • How do we work together to create a safe place where we can share our doubts, questions, the things we no longer believe and the new articulations and insights that come to us about what we now believe?
  • How can we enter more fully into the mystery of the Sacred?

Some of the above questions may invite us to look at what the biblical writers or writers of the creeds believed about their world and the politics and history of the time. Modern scholars can sometimes help us to find and appreciate afresh the wisdom and faith of people long ago and the way in which their (and our) beliefs about God have evolved.

The following is important for us when we have discussions:
  • freedom to be open and honest
  • respect for others
  • humility about one's own position/knowledge/opinions
  • searching for truth
  • finding values/faith one can live by and believe in
  • support for one another in our journey
  • knowing that we are not alone in our questioning and our doubting

So what do we do?
  • We use books and D.V.D. as tools for discussions
  • We have guest speakers and speakers from our own community who share their experiences
  • We attend lectures, talks and workshops by well known modern theologians and have discussions following these events
  • We share our thoughts and feelings and listen to each other with respect in groups and informally.

The Pilgrim Church Library contains a number of books which have contemporary thinking about Christianity in the 21st Century.

Link to the web resources of recent visitor and speaker, Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D.
darkwood brew       The Phoenix Affirmations

Third Common Dreams Conference - Canberra 2013
Third Common Dreams Conference - Overview by Ros Chittleborough -
Download here . . . [633 Kb]

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