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If you are looking for a church the following stories may help you understand why some folk have found their spiritual home at Pilgrim. . . . but the only true test is to give us a go, come to one of our events or worship. We have different worshipping communities that meet at different times in different ways:
Sundays at 8am, 9.30am & 11am; Thursdays at 12.15pm - a short service for busy workers; as well as special services at other times.
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Allen Edwards Snr

Allen welcomes us to Country at our 9.30am service and then tells a story. . .

Libby Hogarth

Libby Hogarth tells her story . . .

Thank you

I am writing to say thank you for the rich event I was able to a attend recently: Spirituality in Times of Social Change. The depth of content, the diversity and breadth of the messages from 3 remarkable speakers and the flow of the evening made this all the more worthwhile and I am glad that my round-trip of 2 hours (road closures...) was so well rewarded. The church looked so beautiful and I thought there must have been 5 weddings - only to discover that it was another gift of the Pilgrims. Whether you do beauty; social justice; receive strangers (the Chinese congregation - complete with Mandarin script on your website), the marginalised on Sunday-nights or you serve justice for Nauru or Manus, you do it well and as witnesses and partakers we all feel inspired by this.

Thank you!
Rev Liellie McLaughlin