Minister's Profile

  Rev. Dr. Dean Eland - Minister in Association
    L.Th.(MCD); B.A.(Adelaide); Grad.Dip.Soc.Sci.(Flinders); M.Min.(MCD); D.Min.Sts.(MCD).

As Minister in Association and an active member of Pilgrim Dean is deputy chairperson of the congregation and convenor of the Pilgrim-Chinese Church Liaison Committee. He is also working as coordinator of the congregation's three year mission plan that includes a new visionary role for the Church Council. Three hands-on standing committees, Ministry, Mission and Operations and the Church Council are working on specific objectives for the three years, 2016-2018.

As a former Congregational and UCA minister Dean served both the local and denominational church for forty years in three Australian states. Ordained at Stow Church in February 1963 his first pastorate included new housing areas in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, Hectorville and Rostrevor. In 1967 he began a 12 year ministry in the inner city of Sydney based in Redfern. Other calls to disadvantaged and inner urban ministry followed included Whyalla, Port Adelaide and Sunshine-St Albans in Melbourne's western suburbs. For seven years (1992-1998) Dean was Director of Mission Planning with the Uniting Church in Victoria.

Since retirement Dean has completed Doc of Ministry Studies with Melbourne College of Divinity and provided leadership in establishing the Urban Mission Network within the Presbytery of SA. He is a member of the Australian Association of Mission Studies and secretary/editor of the Uniting Church Historical Society in SA.

As volunteer associate minister at Pilgrim for the past 12 years he has encouraged this 178 year old city congregation to develop a public presence, a church of the open door with a heart for the city. Through research and action-reflection this emphasis has involved, "retradtioning" a "new wine on old wineskins," process. Pilgrim's public presence involves engaging in partnerships and collaboration with agencies and groups working for the "welfare of the city", the common good. Pilgrim's vison of justice is expressed by hosting liturgical events, introducing the prophetic voice in public conversations and supporting social movements to make Adelaide a welcoming place for people from many lands and traditions.

Judy and Dean married at Pilgrim church in December 1966 and have two children, Mathew and Elizabeth and six grandchildren. Judy is volunteer coordinator of the ESL programme at the Uniting Church Ascot Park and assists with Pilgrim's Open Church programme.

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