The Present Church Building
This is a beautiful example of `Revival Gothic', a style quite rare in South Australia. Its architect was Mr Robert George Thomas, who also designed Flinders Street Baptist Church. The building has received an `A' classification from the National Trust.

tower The architect designed the tower to be the base of a spire reaching to one hundred and seventy feet. Although it is unlikely that the spire will ever be built, the tower is of impressive line and proportion and is well situated at the junction of the nave and transept. The foundations of the tower are eight feet wide and the walls are nowhere less than four feet thick.

The stone carving on the south porch is also worth noting. The stone carver, Mr Samuel Peters, was brought from Sydney to carry out this work. Pure white Caen stone has been used for the detailed carving which includes details of fruit and flowers. At the suggestion of the architect, who brought a pet squirrel with him from England, a squirrel has been introduced into the design of the central pillar.

The church is cruciform in shape and consists of a pillared portico at the end facing Flinders Street, an internal narthex which supports the organ gallery, and from which entry is gained to the clerestoried nave of four bays with side aisles.

The central aisle extends from the choir stalls at the south end of the church to the intersection of the nave with the transepts. Beyond the transepts, with their tall and beautifully proportioned gothic arches, is a shallow chancel; the main feature here is a rose window, surmounting an arcade of five blind gothic arches.

Interior Dimensions
These are multiples of the sacred number seven. The nave between the pillars is thirty-five feet wide; the length is ninety-eight feet, the height to the spring of the roof is thirty-five feet; the centre of the nave roof is forty-two feet high, the nave aisles are seven feet wide; the dimensions of the east transept twenty-eight feet by eighteen feet and the west transept twenty-eight feet by fourteen feet (an unexplained departure from symmetry).

Floor Plan
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front view looking north pillars - south porch squirrel right front door clerestoried nave