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Professor Michael Northcott at Pilgrim

Pilgrim's Visiting Preacher 2008 Series

Preaching Program 26th March to 5th May

Pilgrim themes and individual topics for the series are as follows...

    Preaching Series: Gospel Focus

    Sundays 9.30am Worship (followed by morning tea)

    30th March - John 20:19-31   The Ecology of Resurrection

      6th April - Luke 24:13-35   Profane and Sacred Eating

    13th April - John 10:1-10   Consumer Excess and Abundant Life

    Conversation Series

    Sundays 5pm--6.20pm (followed by shared tea and 7pm Worship)

    Focus on A Moral Climate: the ethics of global warming

    30th March Global Warming and Christian Responsibility (chapters 1 - 2)

      6th April The Moral Climate (chapters 3 - 4)

    13th April Witnessing to Climate Justice (chapters 5 - 7)

    Preaching Series continues   (Note time change - 11am service)

    Sunday 11am Choral Worship

    20th April John 14:1-14   Dwelling in God's Creation

    27th April Acts 17:22-31   Dwelling in a Global Economy

      4th May John 17:1-11   Dwelling in Christ

    Speaker's Forum

    Thursday 1.10pm--1.50pm (following 12.15 Eucharist)

    10th April   Global Warming and Christian Responsibility

    17th April   The Cedars of Lebanon

    24th April   Reweaving the Connections


        NortcottProfessor Michael S Northcott will be Pilgrim's Visiting Preacher for seven weeks from late March to early May. Activist, author, and priest of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, Michael has written one of the few major theological interpretations of climate change, A Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global Warming (Darton, Longman and Todd 2007). This publication follows his popular earlier works, The Environment and Christian Ethics (CUP 1996), and An Angel Directs the Storm: Apocalyptic Religion and American Empire (I B Tauris 2005).

Each of these publications reflects Michael's major interest which is the interface between theological ethics and the human sciences.

As a popular speaker Michael has been guest lecturer at the G8 Summit Fringe in Edinburgh, the Greenbelt Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival. He is also a trustee of the Fair Trade organisation, Traidcraft, and is Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral.

Michael will also be guest at the three evening sessions of the Symposium to be held on the evenings of 28, 29, and 30 April. He will also speak at the March meeting of the SA Presbytery on Saturday the 29thMarch.

The visit of Professor Northcott is being funded by Pilgrim Church and the SA Synod's Uniting Foundation. .


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