public lecture - green month

@ Pilgrim Uniting Church

tuesday 31 august 2010 (31/08/2010)

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     Technology and Sustainability

Professor Graham "Gus" Nathan - Deputy Director Research Institute for Climate Change & Sustainability, University of Adelaide
Download Gus's short talk here: Nathan_20100831.mp3 (approx 5.9Mb)
Gus's answers to questions here: Nathan_20100831_Questions.mp3 (approx 2.4Mb)
Gus's talk on 'clean coal' here: Nathan_20100831_Clean-coal.mp3 (approx 1.4Mb)
Anh Tran - Engineering doctoral student; Education Officer, Engineers without Borders Australia
co-ordinated Engineers without Borders Challenge, a competition for University students.
Download Anh's short talk here: Tran_20100831.mp3 (approx 4Mb)
This talk includes an introduction to Anh and Mike.
Mike Leane - Manager Community Energy Programs at Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Mike recently travelled to Nepal to work for EWB
Download Mike's short talk here: Leane_20100831.mp3 (approx 3.5Mb)

soundbites 1 soundbites 2 sounbites3 public lectures

The evening was chaired by Jeff Telfer (pictured top left).
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