Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 23-DEC-2018 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Advent 4 – My soul cries out – The account of the birth of Christ is more than the story about the arrival of a baby who was going to grow up to do wondeful things and arrange for our salvation. It was God coming among us and for us, to assure us that despite the messiness and uncertainty of the world, we are not alone and God loves and cares for us. The words of Song of Mary, the "Magnificat", are scarcely the words of a frightened 15 year old unmarried mother – they are like the words of a rebel talking about an unjust system. Dietrich Bonhoefer called it "the wildest, most passionate, most revolutionary hymn ever sung", and using the Magnificat in worship has often been forbidden in jurisdictions where it is regarded as dangerous and sedititious. How much does God care about our social, political and ecomomic realities? What is it about Jesus, that we want to be born in us?
Luke 1: 39-55

Playing Time   –   23:12