Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 17-SEP-2017 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Lee Levett-Olson
Pentecost 15 – "Stories around the camp fire" – The teaching is based on the parable in Matthew's gospel, of the unforgiving servant, the man whose enormous debt was cancelled out of mercy, but who refused to cancel a small debt and had his debtor thrown into prison. Much the same is happening in Australia, especially in the Northern Territory, where Aborigines have forgiven the enormous debts owed to them for the taking away of their country, resources, languages and culture; but far too many who cannot repay small debts brought on by social disadvantage are thrown into prison. This is not God's way; in the letter to the Romans, we are urged to seek peace and mutual edification – to learn from one another.
Romans 14: 7-19; Matthew 18: 21-35

Playing Time   –   26:24