Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 07-OCT-2018 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Pentecost 20 – Renewing all creation – Jesus was asked by some influential men whether it was permissible for a man to arbitrarily divorce his wife; and in his reply, he pointed out that it was because of hard-hearted people like themselves that Moses had been obliged to write laws dealing with divorce. After that encounter, Jesus spoke with his disciples of a woman divorcing her husband, as well as a husband divorcing his wife. At the time it was unthinkable, and Jesus was saying that women, too, ought to have a say in marriage and divorce. And children, the most vulnerable of people and the lowest in status, can teach us a lot about the loving presence of God.
Mark 10: 2-16

Playing Time   –   15:45