Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 06-JAN-2019 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Epiphany – "... with love, joy and justice as our star" – Matthew tells a story of some officials from beyond the Roman Empire arriving in Jerusalem, and enquiring at the court of Herod, the region's despotic puppet king, for the exact location of the baby who would grow up to be king of the Jews – and Herod was terrified at the idea of a baby usurping him. Herod was in the big city using force, abusive power and wealth to maintain his kingdom and his personal privileges; while in the little unpretentious village of Bethlehem there was a baby destined to be king of a different sort of kingdom, the Kingdom of God. Matthew wants us to understand about God's grace, revealed to us through that baby.
Isaiah 61: 1-6; Matthew 2: 1-12

Playing Time   –   33:38