Pilgrim Pathways

We are people who share a common interest in exploring new horizons of Christian faith in the contemporary world. We provide support and encouragement to do this without fear and within a sense of community.

We also value our links with others in the Progressive Christianity Network of South Australia (P.C.Net) which is a network of people who are exploring new approaches to Christianity in their search for meaning and the development of a contemporary spirituality.

We are also happy to be associated with the Effective Living Centre at Christ Church Uniting, Wayville.

We are always pleased to have others join us. Information on the activities of the group's forthcoming sessions are advertised in the Pilgrim Newsletter or you may ask one of our ministers who will put you in contact with one of our planning team.

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Bi- Monthly meetings
will be held, *usually on the second Sunday of the month, 11am in the Draper Room, adjoining the main Hall.
*Meeting information will be posted on this page when details become available.

ALL ARE WELCOME to these open meetings

PC NET FRIDAY FORUM – FRIDAY 22nd September 7:30

Effective Living Centre, 26 King William Road, Wayville


19th Century Radical and Pioneer Pacifist

Come and hear his Voice:

Forget doctrines!

Forget Church Rules!

Explore the way of the historical Jesus!

Explore how Love and Peace can change society!

PCNet Friday Forum Friday 22nd September 7.30
Come and be inspired by the message of a Scottish-born Australian preacher, social activist and radical Christian visionary, Charles Strong. He was the first minister of the Australian Church, which commenced with support by 1000 followers after he was voted out of membership by the Presbyterian Church in Victoria in 1883. Three panel members, Norm Habel, Robert Crotty and Marion Maddox will present a bold portrait of Strong and his radical views, followed by a 21st Century response by Lynn Arnold


Pilgrim Pathways Event with Dr Eleanor Evans,speaking on
Potential Health Impacts of Climate Change
listen/Download here . . .

PCNet Friday Forum on Climate Change
Emerita Professor Tony Eggleton - speaks on The Science and the Lies
Rev'd Brian Phillips - speaks on There is no road, the road is made by walking: an ethical response to climate change
Listen/Download recordings of this event here . . .

The following articles by Sean Gilbert are available for downloading here . . .
Leadership in Worship     93 Kb Word docx
Reaching Poetics and Prayer in Hopeful Accord     28Kb Word docx

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